Almirall: The Successes Behind Spain's Biggest Pharma Company

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Video title: Almirall: The Successes Behind Spain's Biggest Pharma Company
Released on: March 16, 2010. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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A video outlining the strategies and goals at Almirall, a global pharmaceutical company based in Barcelona, Spain.
Strategic objectives
Janet Barrie:
Almirall is a fully integrated international pharmaceutical company based on innovation and committed to improving health. Spain is where it started 60-years ago but now it's present in more than 70 countries either directly through its 11 affiliates or through partnering collaborations with prestigious companies.
Eduardo Sanchiz:
Well the strategic objectives of Almirall can be focused in or defined in three basic areas on the way how we are aiming to continue leverage in our own R&D. We have different R&D centres the largest one is in Spain but we have two other in Germany one focusing dermatology and the other one focused in respiratory pharmaceutical development, there we have a business model that basically has two legs, on the one hand we market our own compounds coming out of our own R&D on the other hand we've been very active in business development. Secondly we want to continue our international expansion, right now we have 11 affiliates around the world countries where we have network presence mostly in Europe and one country in Latin America that is Mexico. Thirdly we are still trying to maintain our leadership position in Spain not only we are the largest Spanish pharmaceutical company but in the Spanish ranking we are in the top position among the top five companies in the ranking and we would aim to basically maintain a good position in the ranking. If I look back those three axis I think that when it gets to international expansion not only we have an increasing in the number of affiliates that we have around the world, but we have also been increasing the total sales that we have out of Spain. So basically by the end of 2009 sales outside the Spain will represent close to 45% of the total business.
Key corporate development achievements
Eduardo Sanchiz:
Over the last years I think we have been successful in all three fronts in terms of M&A, in licensing and out licensing. In terms of M&A we bought a company a pharmaceutical development company in Germany [PharmaDeals ID = 27911], we also basically managed in terms of in licensing to bring recently a pan European product the Linaclotide [PharmaDeals ID = 33227] the first-in-class very interesting compound for a Irritable bowel syndrome, we before that we also did another pan European in license agreement for a very interesting compound for pain [PharmaDeals ID = 22879]. More recently was a we have also been able to secure some co-marketing agreements in the Spain, [PharmaDeals ID = 32942] [PharmaDeals ID = 32176] [PharmaDeals ID = 31575] so those are some examples on the in licensing area. And out licensing we have been also successful in partnering with companies like Forest [PharmaDeals ID = 23945]. So those are examples of some of the things that we are trying to do, some of the good examples of the past, some of the elements that also a give a good example for what we'd like to accomplish in the future.
Main corporate development priorities
Eduardo Sanchiz:
We have a very healthy financial position. We have a minimal debt as for the closing of 2009. So we have again a good position from which to fund additional acquisitions primarily in the key markets where we are present already, so we more than expanding in many other parts of the world which may we may still do but in those of priority for M&A we are still first trying to focus on the key geographies where we have presence and trying to increase our critical mass in some of those countries. We continue to be very interested in in-licensing products that may fit with our areas of a strategic focus particularly for instance in respiratory, dermatologyautoimmune and also areas that have a focus with our commercial capabilities right now which include areas like gastroenterology, neurology, pain so basically those are the main focus of our corporate development effort.
Key strengths in attracting business opportunities
Eduardo Sanchiz:
Well I think this is important to highlight the first of all in the areas that are indicated like respiratory, like you know dermatology in particular areas where we have the commercial presence for a number of areas like in neurology, pain, gastroenterology. I think we have a very good commercial strengths and skills. We have very good knowledge of regulatory aspects in Europe. We have accomplished quite a number of regulatory undertakings at European level. We have good capabilities in pharmaceutical development and clinical development, we have done again development on many compounds, so I think that the combination of all the elements in the value chain going basically from clinical development through regulatory and commercial presence in our selective therapeutic areas as in they provide you know a very good partnership set of capabilities on our side, not to mention obviously I've seen this strong commitment that we put behind a product that we select to eventually bring in our portfolio.
Janet Barrie:
Almirall says it's committed to the long-term improving health around the world. It's been working to reach that goal for 60-years and says there is still a long way to go.
Eduardo Sanchiz
Chief Financial Officer
Eduardo Sanchiz holds the position of the Chief Financial Officer of Almirall Pharmaceutical.
Almirall Pharmaceutical
Almirall is an international pharmaceutical company based on innovation and committed to health, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. The company researches, develops, manufactures and commercializes its own R&D and licensed drugs with the aim of improving people's health and wellbeing. The therapeutic areas on which Almirall focuses its research resources are related to the treatment of asthma, COPD(Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis and other dermatology indications. Almirall's products are currently present in over 70 countries while it has direct presence in Europe and Latin America through 11 affiliates.