Palau Pharma: Targeting New Solutions to Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases

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Video title: Palau Pharma: Targeting New Solutions to Inflammatory and Autoimmune Diseases
Released on: March 16, 2010. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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Palau Pharma's focus on developing cutting edge products to aid patients suffering from inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
Focus on solid science and solid foundations.
Nick Thatcher:
Palau Pharma is a global product driven biopharmaceutical company based here in Barcelona. It's focused on the discovery and development of revolutionary and differentiated new small molecule medicines. They target the unmet needs of patient suffering from inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.
Ignacio Faus:
We want to provide new solutions to the unmet medical needs patients who are suffering from a diseases with such a basis, disease such as RA, psoriasis, COPD, asthma and many others have obviously medications available to them, but none of these medications solve all their problems. The goal of Palau Pharma is to develop the most cutting edge products that will eventually one day make it to the market and one day will improve the lives of these patients. To achieve that we have to be foremost focused on developing very solid science. In Palau Pharma we start from our products, our projects from the very beginning with a very solid foundations, very solid ideas as for how we are going to be moving the projects forward and this is the ability to be very focused, very streamlined and very, very straight forward as to what our goals are.
Business Model:A strategy designed for solid results.
Nick Thatcher:
Palau's core business model is to create novel drugs by identifying those unmet medical needs and then developing these through to Phase II clinical trials. At this stage decisions are made on a case by case basis as to whether to keep development in house or to partner or license out products for late stage development and commercialization. It's a strategy focused on developing best in class drugs that modulate the activity of validated targets with established pre clinical or clinical proof of concept, with an objective to achieve early positive differentiation for molecules produced by competitors and with the design to provide a clear focused and fast path to market success.
Ignacio Faus:
Taking a product to market from inception to final stages is a very lengthy and risky process it can take from 10 to 12-years it can cost in excess of $500 million. And Palau Pharma has limited resources therefore always at some point in the development we have to out license the project with larger pharmaceutical company, a company that has those abilities and can actually make a success story out of our own project. It's important for companies like ours to show that you can actually do this to show that you can actually start a project taking to take it to clinical proof of concept and then out license it to a bigger partner and we've had several partnerships already in place in a lot of ways what that does is it validates our business model because when we go out there to the scientific community and explain what our business model is we gonna show that with tangible results. Our most important partnership is with Stiefel Laboratories which is a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline [PharmaDeals ID = 21745]. And what we did with them is a it's really a perfect case study. We took a product all the way to clinical proof of concept in this case it's an anti-fungal. And this company Stiefel was very happy with this project they in licensing from us and now it is in advanced clinical development in the US and also in Europe.
Product pipeline :A process built around solid differentiation.
Nick Thatcher:
Palau's expertise integrates the knowledge of medicinal chemistry, discovery biology and preclinical pharmacology with a profound understanding of the clinical aspects of inflammatory and autoimmune based diseases, while these remain the primary therapeutic fields of interest the company does consider development in areas where there are synergies and commercial opportunities with existing development projects. Currently the product pipeline consists of a range of highly innovative projects in various stages of development from early discovery to late stage clinical phases. Palau has a proven track record and above average success rates in each project it pursues.
Xavi Bartroli:
The most advance of them is Dersalazine-Sodium which is in Phase II clinical trials, it's a compound for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis. Second comes a project on the histamine-4-receptor aimed at the treatment of basically respiratory and allergic diseases such as asthma, we are very proud of this program because we are one of the first companies in the world to bring one anti-histamine of this type into clinical trials. And we finally have a drug discovery program that targets two very important proteins in autoimmune disease Jak3 and Syk those are two kinases that play a key role in the autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus.
Nick Thatcher:
And Palau Pharma prides itself on a professional productive and positive environment in which to work. This innovation and drug discovery is carried out in state of the art facilities by a scientific team drawn from across the world and acquainted with US and EU regulatory requirements. An experienced quality assurance unit ensures GLP, GSP and GCP compliance and with just 90 employees there is also strength to be gained from the company's size.
Xavi Bartroli:
Part of our success it's due to the fact that we are a small company that interacts on a daily basis, scientist discuss everyday about the results that they got the day before and that allow us to take very quick decisions on what molecule makes next and then what improvement in different biological test to introduce. And I think this is a this flexible way of working it's a key to success.
Every partnership is a solid commitment.
Nick Thatcher:
At Palau partnership at every stage plays a strong role in both it's development philosophy and business model and the success of establishing partnerships with leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. The late stage development and commercialization of projects is defined by strong commitment, close collaboration and transparent communication.
Ignacio Faus:
Large pharmaceutical companies are our clients. Large pharmaceutical companies are the companies have to take our products eventually to market and what we what we are telling these large companies is that when you need products to in license in the autoimmune and inflammation area when you are a in your pipeline you have the need for additional projects at the pre clinical Phase I, Phase II stage in this particular area, Palau Pharma is the company that will solve your problem. Palau Pharma will be your solution provider. Palau Pharma is the company that specialized in the discovery of new cutting edge medicines for the treatment of inflammation and autoimmune based disorders, come to us because we are likely to have the projects that you are interested in.
Nick Thatcher:
With the proven record of successful alliances more than a century of collective research and clinical development experience together with an enthusiastic and dedicated management team Palau Pharma is creating solid solutions to existing needs.
Xavi Bartroli
Director of Innovation and Drug Discovery
Ignacio Faus is a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Indiana University (1988), where he worked under the supervision of Prof. John P. Richardson. He has completed his MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University (1993). Post-doctoral research at the IGBMC (Prof. P. Chambon, Strasbourg, France) and at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (Prof. E. Fuchs, Chicago, USA). Joined Grupo Uriach in 1993 as Director of the Biotechnology Business Unit. In 1999 became Director of Business Development & Licensing of Grupo Uriach until his appointment as the CEO of Palau Pharma, S.A. in November 2006. Xavi Bartroli is a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology (1984), where he worked under the direction of Professor David Evans at Caltech and Harvard University. 25 years of pharmaceutical R&D experience. Appointed Head of Medicinal Chemistry at Grupo Uriach in 1986 and Head of the Drug Discovery Unit in 2000. Joined Palau Pharma, S.A. in November 2006 as Director of Innovation and Drug Discovery.
Palau Pharma S.A.
Palau Pharma S.A. ("Palau") is a product-driven biopharmaceutical company focused on the discovery and development of medicines that are designed to address the unmet needs of patients suffering from inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. By successfully targeting specific conditions that are currently underserved, we are able to open up opportunities for commercializing best-in-class or first-in-class products. In addition to our unique focus, we adopt a nimble approach and operating structure that emphasizes the importance of developing safe and effective products within an expedited framework. This approach has been strongly validated through partnering agreements with broad range of companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Schering-Plough, Affectis Pharmaceuticals, IberHospitex, and others. Palau commenced operations in 2006 as a spin-out of Grupo Uriach's R&D Unit with the capitalization of five external investors: Caixa Catalunya, Caja Duero, Najeti Capital, Andosins Capital and Palau's senior management. Our R&D track record, strategy and partner validated business model position the company to become a leading innovator in the European biopharmaceutical industry.