BCF: A Different kind of practice

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Video title: BCF: A Different kind of practice
Released on: January 27, 2017. © PharmaVentures Ltd
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    With more than 200 professionals working in 22 strategic multidisciplinary teams, BCF is the reference for everything connected to business law.
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With more than 200 professionals working in 22 strategic multidisciplinary teams, BCF is the reference for everything connected to business law. Add to this its privileged relationships with highly respected law firms in cities around the globe as well as its membership in Meritas, one of the largest networks of independent law firms in the world, and you have the picture: we’re a spirited team, renowned for our different approach.
Tuba is a patent agent registered to act before the Canadian, European and UK Patent Offices, and has a technical background in materials science and biomedical materials and devices. She has over 15 years experience in the intellectual property field, and has worked in both the UK and Canada as a patent agent. Most recently, she was Director of Intellectual Property at a biomedical device company in Montreal, Canada, managing and strategically building the company’s IP portfolio. Prior to that, Tuba has worked as a Patent Agent in a top tier Canadian law firm as well as a boutique IP firm in London, UK, representing a diverse range of clients ranging from start-ups to large businesses. Tuba has substantial experience in protecting inventions and designs, including preparing, filing and prosecuting patent and design applications, providing patentability and freedom to operate searches and opinions, performing due diligence searches, and assisting with commercial agreements including licensing and joint ventures. She has created intellectual property strategies to protect client’s innovation in-line with their commercial activities at all stages of their business, as well as managing their international patent portfolios. She has also assisted in contentious matters, including European oral proceedings, oppositions, and UK High Court actions. Sensitive to the cost of filing and maintaining an international patent portfolio, Tuba also assists clients with IP audits, IP budget management, as well as supporting IP monetization efforts. With a scientific and research background in Materials Science and Medical Devices, Tuba frequently supports clients within the Materials technologies sector, particularly within the biomedical materials and devices, medical diagnostic devices, nanomaterials and devices, and green technologies. Tuba is fluent in English and Turkish, and has a working knowledge in French.
The five principles of BCF The approach that sets BCF apart from other law firms is embodied in the following five principles. These principles dictate how we practice law and are the very foundation of who we are as a firm. Accessibility Forget the usual distant relationship between lawyer and client. When you put your trust in BCF, you get in return a partner who will bring humility, passion and generosity to achieving success for your business. We’re at your side at each step, whatever the matter might be. Collaboration Battles of ego have no place at BCF. Our experts are among the best in their respective fields, but it’s through their combined efforts that they arrive at great ideas for their clients. Our multidisciplinary strategic teams offer a range of viewpoints and expertise that allow them to clearly assess your needs and then meet them in the most effective way. Boldness Lack of progress leads to stagnation; boldness leads to change. We believe that a business must take calculated risks in order to succeed. That’s why we strive to put in place unique and innovative solutions that will help further your success. Innovation We believe that the practice of business law should not be shackled by convention. It is only by taking roads less travelled that ideas evolve. By putting innovation at the heart of our practice, we are in a position to help make your business stand out from the competition. Straight Talk At BCF, we don’t get caught up in grand proposals that are meaningless to you. We’re straightforward and direct, so you will understand what we mean and where you stand. It’s our commitment to sincerity.