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PharmaTelevision Production Services

PharmaTelevision is uniquely placed to offer high quality video production capability, as well as targeted distribution of the video. Our clients include both large and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, PR agencies, and other service providers to the industry.

Creative Programming:  Our Industry – Your Message

PharmaTelevision’s team of experienced television professionals work with clients to create a programme that brings across the right message - with high production values. Whether it is a documentary-style product or company profile, a senior executive interview, or a training video production, we understand pharma and what works. Step-by-step, we help clients get the most from their video production – an enjoyable, affordable and rewarding experience. 

Delivering Your Message

Creating a good video is just the start of the process. We leverage our web expertise to ensure that the video is delivered to the right audience. PharmaTelevision has the world’s most advanced video platform serving the pharmaceutical industry today. We add value to videos in post-production, including edited transcriptions and meta-data creation, and deploy a range of technologies that include search engine optimisation and alerting. Our video production service draws on the expertise of our in-house experts.

What also sets PharmaTelevision apart from the rest is the distribution we offer. Your message will be delivered to thousands. 60% of our viewers and registrants are top decision makers in our industry. If that is not enough, we also draw on our content syndication partners to help get your message across. Whichever route, we help you formulate a plan to deliver your message where it counts.

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