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Advertising with PharmaTelevision

Standing out and attaining share of voice is becoming increasingly difficult in the crowded world of BioPharma partnering.

Effective communication and impact is key to those companies who wish to form alliances, win deals and build their businesses. In fact, leading figures from major pharmaceutical companies have said that an interview on PharmaTelevision has helped them and is an excellent way to communicate and get noticed.

Furthermore, research has revealed that prospective partners and clients have a higher recall rate of those interviewed on PharmaTelevision than those who are not. Moreover there's the simple fact that television brings you and your message to life on a visually and aurally rich medium.

Through PharmaTelevision you can raise your company's profile amongst our 18,000+ monthly viewers*, 60% of whom are C-suite i.e. CEOs, CFOs, CSOs, COOs, Presidents and Vice-Presidents. So the PharmaTelevision audience represents the top echelons of the biopharma industry - a truly exclusive group of decision makers who are shaping the very nature of our industry.

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